JCCC Emergency Assembly Areas

Emergency Assembly Areas Map (PDF)


EAA # Bldg. Code Bldg. Descriptions Primary Location Description
1 CC Carlsen Center (CC) Carlsen Center (CC) East upper deck parking level 
2 NMOCA,RC, HCA Nerman Museum (NMOCA), Regnier Center (RC), Hospitality and Culinary Academy  RC Parking garage, upper level, south end
3 CLB, LIB, OCB, SCI Classroom Lab Bldg. (CLB) Library Bldg. (LIB), Office Classroom Bldg. (OCB), Science Bldg. (SCI) Inner Library (LIB) courtyard area with rabbit/bell sculpture
4 COM, CSB, GEB, GP, SC Commons Bldg. (COM), Campus Service Bldg. (CSB), General  Education Bldg. (GEB), Galileo's Pavilion (GP), Student Center Bldg. (SC) Inner campus courtyard area by park benches and emergency phone, base of hill
5 ATB, GYM Arts & Technology Bldg. (ATB), Gymnasium Bldg. (GYM) Southeast grass area from GYM, base of hill across sidewalk
6 ITC, WLB Industrial Training Center (ITC), Welding Lab Bldg. (WLB) Grass island south of ITC and WLB Bldg. by caboose
7 HCDC Hiersteiner Child Development Center (HCDC) Grass area southeast of HCDC Bldg. & playground
8 HSC, PA Horticultural Science Center (HSC), Police Academy (PA) Southwest PA parking lot
9 WH Warehouse (WH) North end of WH parking lot
10 TBD


11 OHEC Olathe Health Education Center (OHEC) OHEC Parking Lot, Far West end of the sidewalk separating West Parking Lot
13 WPK West Park Parking Lot West and away from building
15 Lawrence Lawrence Centennial School By the fence at the West end of the ballfield South of the school

Service Numbers

JCCC Police Department 
913-339-6699 TDD/TTY 
Off-campus emergency: 911
On campus, non-emergency: 913-469-8500, ext. 4112

Emergency Phones located across campus
for emergencies on campus grounds and in parking lots

KOPS-WATCH (Incident and Crime Reporting)
Keeping Our People Safe
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