Institutional Research

Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning leads, monitors, and evaluates the College’s planning processes to ensure they align with the College’s mission, strategic goals and external compliance requirements.

Office members serve as advocates for data-informed decision-making processes and supports continuous quality improvement efforts by providing clear, consistent and insightful data analyses.

Individuals interested in the strategic planning or accreditation processes should contact Patrick Rossol-Allison.

Those interested in reports or results from research activities should contact Natalie Alleman Beyers.

IR Infoshare

Employees can access internal Institutional Research reports on infoshare.

National Community College Benchmark Project


The NCCBP assists you in learning about best practices in student learning at other institutions.

Looking for JCCC's IRB?

The Research Participant Protection Program is Johnson County Community College's institutional review board or IRB.

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