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Grants Leadership and Development

The Office of Grants Leadership and Development helps faculty and staff translate ideas that advance the mission of JCCC into fundable grant proposals and monitors the implementation of successfully funded grant projects.

Recently Awarded Grants 

June 2014

Coca-Cola/KAB Recycling Bin Collegiate Grant
To support college and university recycling initiatives by providing receptacles for the collection of recyclables in classrooms. 

Small Business Development Center – SBA 2014
To provide small business consulting and training to existing and aspiring small business owners.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center 2014
To continue the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) services to work with local business owners to grow their businesses via sales to the government.

NEA Art Works
To support the second annual New Dance Partners Festival – master classes taught by local dancers, two performances by local dance troupes, and production of a 30 minute file about the choreographic process for the featured dance works.

Carl Perkins Leadership Fund Grant
To integrate JCCC math faculty into two career and technical education courses: Interior Design’s “Budgeting and Estimating” and Hospitality Management’s “Perspectives.”

July 2014

Dollar General Literacy Foundation Adult Literacy Grant 2014
To prepare GED students for taking the GED computer-based tests.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation Family Literacy Grant 2014
To provide literacy-rich materials for parents to use with their children.

Creative Economy Project Support Grant
To catalyze new audiences for Johnson County Community College’s Performing Art Series, Downtown Overland Park’s creative small business community, and the InterUrban ArtHouse’s growing cadre of independent artists, by bringing dance performances into unexpected places and revealing the multiplicity of industries and careers that reciprocally support and rely on dance.

Migrant Family Literacy Grant 2014
To address the unique needs of migrant children and their families.

Adult Education and Family Literacy FY15
To develop, implement and improve adult education and literacy activities.

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