Instruction Committees

Distance Learning Coordinating Council (DLCC) 


Meets 8-9:00 a.m. the second and fourth Tuesday of each month during the academic year to develop processes that encourage and enhance the delivery of distance education courses, and identify and eliminate barriers to the development of distance education courses.  The DLCC develops goals and implements action plans to coordinate Distance Learning initiatives across campus.


Ed Affairs Committee 


Meets twice monthly during the academic year  to act as a resource concerning the instructional programs of the college by reviewing and evaluating program/course proposals, modifications and deletions; to recommend degree and graduation requirements; to serve as a resource and forum; and to make recommendations covering various educational matters including the implementation of the aims of general education


Faculty Advisory Committee 


Meets monthly during the academic year to discuss issues raised by full-time faculty and to provide a venue for direct communication between faculty representatives and the vice-president of Instruction


Innovative Technology Grant 


Meets monthly to review applications for the Innovative Technology Grant, which was created to help make possible and expedite technological innovations that improve learning at JCCC


Instructional Deans Council 


Meets weekly to address issues related to all aspects of credit instruction, including planning, curriculum, and budget


Instructional Banner Committee

Meets each month to evaluate the impact of the operation of the SCT Banner System on the Instructional area and to serve as an advisory group to guide the use of college resources in prioritizing SCT enhancement activities of the system for the Instructional area