Board of Trustees

Organizational Chart


Dr. Joseph M. Sopcich

Vice President for Academic Affairs/CAO
Andy Anderson

Executive Vice President Finance and Administrative Services
Dr. Barbara Larson

Executive Vice President/COO
Dr. Judy Korb

Vice President for Information Services/CIO
Denise Moore

Vice President for Success and Engagement
Dr. Dennis Day 

General Counsel
Tanya Wilson

Associate Vice President of Business Services
Mitch Borchers

Associate Vice President of Campus Services and Facility Planning
Rex Hays

Associate Vice President of Continuing Education and Organizational Development
Karen Martley

Associate Vice President of Financial Services/CFO
Don Perkins 

Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Government Affairs
Kate Allen

Associate Vice President of Instruction
Dr. Clarissa Craig

Associate Vice President of Marketing Communications
Julie Haas

Deans and Assistant Deans

Dean of Academic Support
Dr. Lin Knudson

Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
James Lane

Dean of Business
Mike West

Dean of Career Technical Education Transitions
Dr. Shelia Mauppin 

Dean of Communications
Dr. Larry Reynolds

Dean of English and Journalism
Dr. Larry Reynolds

Dean of Health Care Professions and Wellness
Dr. Lenora Cook

Dean of Learner Engagement and Success
Rick Moehring 

Dean of Mathematics
Dr. Csilla Duneczky

Dean of Sciences
Dr. Csilla Duneczky

Dean of Student Services and Success
Paul Kyle

Dean of Technology
Bill Brown

Dean of Workforce, Community and Economic Development
Mike Souder 

Assistant Dean of Athletics
Carl Heinrich 

Assistant Dean of Community Outreach, Credit Instruction
Dr. Loralee Stevens

Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management
MargE Shelley 

Assistant Dean of Industrial Technology Programs
Richard Fort

Assistant Dean of Student Life
Pamela Vassar 

Executive Directors

Executive Director of Audit and Advisory Services
Janelle Vogler

Executive Director of Center for Sustainability
Dr. Jay Antle

Executive Director of Human Resources
Becky Centlivre

Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research
Patrick Rossol-Allison

Executive Director of Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art
Bruce Hartman