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Requesting Audio Books

To assure that audio books are available as soon as possible, you should:

  1. REQUEST EARLY! Requests for audio books should be received at least two months before the semester begins.
    Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on the availability and the date of the request, audio books may take several weeks to process.
  2. Purchase books.
    You must show proof of purchase of textbooks to a member of Access Services and have a signed Audio Book Digital Player Loan Agreement on file before you will be allowed to check out audio book materials.
  3. Contact an Access Adviser to discuss options for materials that are not available in audio format.
    Math, chemistry, foreign language,and certain workbooks are not always available from our audio book source, "Learning Ally." And, in many cases Access Services may not be able to create these types of textbooks in audio format.

Procedures for Retrieving Audio Books

Audio books are checked out directly from Access Services in the Student Center, Second floor. You may check on the status of your request by emailing Access Services or calling 469-3521.

Once the audio book(s) and/or digital player are ready for pickup, you will receive an email from Pam Huckleberry, Access Services audio book coordinator, with instructions on how to pick up your order.

Important! Emails will be sent to your jccc account only. Be sure to check this account regularly. If you need assistance in accessing your student email account ask any Access Services staff member, Student Center Information Specialist or visit the JCCC Help Desk website.

For more information on requesting audio books from Access Services, contact Pam Huckleberry, audio book coordinator at 913-469-3521 or email Access Services.

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