Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Funding Options

A veteran CDL student stands beside a semi-trailer

Continuing Education Scholarships

The Continuing Education Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for unemployed, underemployed or dislocated workers to get the training they need to gain meaningful employment in the workforce. 

Federal Grant for Tuition

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training (CMVOST) grant will provide 100 percent paid tuition for veterans or their immediate family members who want to earn a CDL-A. Funding will cover the tuition cost for the professional truck driver training program at JCCC.

The purpose of the CMVOST grant is to train current and former members of the United States armed forces, including National Guard and reservists, to obtain their CDL. Current spouses and children of service members are also eligible for such training, with or without the service member. The dependent of the service member must be qualified and at or under the age of 24 years (on the first day of class). The CDL program requires participants to be at least 18 years of age to drive intrastate and 21 for interstate driving.

To provide proof of eligibility for the grant, contact:

Robert (Bob) McNay
CDL Veteran Outreach Coordinator
Johnson County Community College
12345 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66210
913-469-8500, ext. 2900

Veteran Services

As a veteran you are eligible to receive tuition and fees to cover the cost of attending an educational training program. To use your Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits, you must enroll in classes at JCCC and then be certified by the JCCC Veteran Services office.

Veteran and Military Resource Center
913-469-8500, ext. 4981
COM 305

Kena Zumalt
Veteran Services Coordinator
913-469-8500, ext. 3924

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Job training costs are paid for eligible job-seekers who attend WIOA-approved training programs. This is a type of grant that is available for people who have either been laid off or who are having trouble making a living as a result of having no usable skills. This program will help individuals pay for most of their training costs. Call for an appointment and to attend an orientation session.

Johnson County Workforce Office
9221 Quivira Road
Overland Park, KS 66215
Lou Ann Scott (913-577-5520) | Cindie Emery

Wyandotte County Workforce Office
626 Minnesota Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66101
Lisa Harris

Heartland Works
Topeka, KS 66614
David Brennan, director

Full Employment Council
1740 Paseo Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64108
Margaret Ikerd

SER Corporation National FarmWorker and Jobs Program

If you have been a seasonal farm worker during the past two years, you may qualify for assistance with some of your CDL training program fees.

SER Office
Jose Martinez
1333 S. 27th St.
Kansas City KS 66106

JCCC CDL Payment Plan

The payment plan charges a $30 non-refundable administration fee. Tuition charges are divided equally into two monthly installments. The first half payment and the $30 fee is due at the time of enrollment. The second payment will be due one month from enrollment date.

How to enroll in the payment plan:

  • You will need your JCCC ID number, username and password. For verification of your information, please call Continuing Education registration at 913-469-2323.
  • Log into MyJCCC.
  • Select My Finances tab at the top of the page, which will bring up a second window.
  • Select the Payment Plans tab.
  • From the drop-down menu, select CDL Class A Truck Driver Training.
  • You will need to provide your bank account or credit card information for the plan. You can change it between payments. Note the dates and amounts that will be charged to your bank or credit card electronically.
  • Sign the agreement with the last four digits of your student ID.
  • If you don’t understand the agreement, please cancel and email the business office or call 913-469-2567.
  • After you sign the agreement, the screen will show the amount you have just paid and you will receive a confirmation email.

Select Display Payment Schedule to see how much your payments will be and when they will be charged. After you make the initial down payment, the schedule will reflect the amount and the due date for the second installment. 

The second installment will be automatically deducted at 5 a.m. on the scheduled date. You do not need to initiate a payment on the due date. If your account is not paid in full on the last installment date, you will be restricted from using any JCCC payment plan in the future. Once your payment plan is completed, new charges will not be factored into the plan. You will not receive notification when your plan is completed.

Alternative Student Loans

There are a few outside loan programs available, and you can apply by phone or online. It will take up to 10 days for your loan to be funded, so apply early.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan: Visit the Sallie Mae website for more information and to apply online. To apply by phone, call 1-855-429-9759.

Wells Fargo: The Wells Fargo Collegiate LoanWells Fargo Student Loan for Career and Community Colleges

If you decide to apply for a student loan or need additional information about student loans, contact the JCCC financial aid office.

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