Service Learning - How it Works

  • Review course syllabus and discuss requirements  for service learning with course faculty
  • Read the service learning guidelines  and review the safety guidelines.
  • Complete Community Based Service Learning Application (PDF) and sign it. Your application must be turned in to COM 201 and a copy turned in to your course faculty prior to starting your service hours.
  • Email Mary Smith to make an appointment with the community based learning office to review your application and identify options for not-for-profit agencies with which to complete service hours. 

Find your community placement site. See community services sites list (PDF)

  • Review the websites of the agencies where you are considering serving.
  • Make an appointment to discuss opportunities that will meet your course objectives. Share the letter from your course instructor that discusses what objective you need to meet for the course with the service hours. START this process within 2 weeks of your course!
  • Discuss their requirements for orientation, training and scheduling your hours.
  • Complete the Confirmation Placement form and have it signed by the agency and you. Make four copies - give one to agency, course faculty , community based learning office (COM 201) and one for you. This form must be turned in in by first week of your service.
  • Each time you go to serve at your community site take your Hours Report/Verification and Final Evaluation Form (PDF) and record your hours, the site supervisor will need to initial each entry.

You must plan and reflect on your service in order to meet your course outcomes/assignment and to gain the most you can from this experience.