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Bill Robinson

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-Face Sections: Classes are mainly lecture format with guided discussion over mathematical concepts related to the lecture. Questions are encouraged. Cooperative group work occurs about every other week in most classes. PowerPoint, lecture notes and use of overheads are used in a variety of courses. MATH 115 Elementary Algebra is often taught in a Learning Communities format.

On-line Sections:  I do not teach any courses online.

Resource Use

Textbooks are extensively used within the class for all courses. Supplemental resources, such as a solutions manual, are encouraged but not required. Students should check the bookstore for the correct   textbook used during the current semester.

Calculators: A graphics calculator is used in all courses above MATH 171. A scientific calculator, financial calculator or graphics calculator is used in lower level courses.

Computer software:  Statistical software is required in MATH 181. The student should check with the instructor to see which software is being used for the current semester.

Online homework:  I do not use online homework.  


I encourage feedback through quick surveys, questions in class, self-assessments and use of clickers in some classes. A weighted average for grading is used in all courses. The percentages for each are roughly - Homework: 5 - 10%, Quizzes: 5 - 10%, Exams: 50 - 60%, Final Exam: 20 - 25%. Grades are regularly updated in the College’s Learning Management System.

Homework Policy

Paper and pencil homework is assigned in every class. Most exercises are due the next class period. A random selection of assigned problems are graded and returned within one class period. Late homework is accepted in only emergency situations.

Attendance Policy

I do not grant points for attendance or take away points for missing class. Attendance is strongly encouraged in order to have an opportunity to engage with the material, the instructor and classmates.


Office hours are posted outside of my office, CLB 233. In general, I'm available for at least 5 hours a week and for appointments at the other times.