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Tatiana Scanlan

Teaching style
My goal is that students learn to communicate in Russian.  We do a lot of role play exercises.  I also believe in grammar, vocabulary and translation drills.  They help to train the memory and develop fluency.  In class, we talk a lot about Russia, its culture, literature, and history.

Homework, participation and attendance
I require that students turn in their homework at the beginning of each class.  Homework is 25% of the final grade.  Participation is 25% of the grade.

Tests and Quizzes
After each chapter there is a written or oral test.  Chapter quizzes are 25% of the grade.  Students have a chance to retake their tests for a better grade. The final exam is 25% of the grade.  

Background and other interests
I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.  Russian is my native language.

I studied at the Moscow State University where I earned a Master's in Russian as a Foreign Language. In addition I studied Comparative Linguistics with an emphasis in Russian and French.  I taught Russian to graduate students from many countries at Moscow State University.  

Every year, I take students for a field trip to Moscow.