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Traci Putnam

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Classes typically begin with student-directed questions and a brief review.  New material is introduced through lecture and lots of examples, with time built in for students to practice new concepts.  Student participation and interaction is encouraged and rewarded in the sense that generally, students who participate gain a better understanding of the material.

Resource Use

Textbook is used for all classes. Students are expected to read the required text, and use the text for practice and review.

Calculators:  Scientific calculators are required for 115 and 116.  Graphing calculators are required for courses above 116. 

Computers:  All students will be expected to access the college-wide website (Desire2Learn) to access grades, email and other tools for learning and communication. There will be extensive computer use in courses that use an online homework platform (MyMathLab or WebAssign). 


There are typically 4 to 5 unit exams given during the semester, in addition to the department final exam.  Quizzes are given at appropriate intervals throughout the course to assess student learning.  Other items that impact the student’s grade may include daily homework checks, homework, and summative projects.

Homework Policy

Homework should be thought of as practice for the big game.  It is an essential element of learning.  Homework will be assigned and should be worked on a daily basis for maximum results.  Homework will be graded and will contribute to the student’s overall grade. I am always happy to review or explain a homework problem to students, either individually or as a class.

Attendance Policy

Another important element in the learning process.  Student who want to succeed must be willing to attend class regularly and stay up to date on their assignments. 


Office hours are by appointment only, however, I am generally available to meet with students before and after class.  Questions that arise between class periods can oftentimes be addressed by email.