Stephanie Kozak

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-face sections are usually lecture-based classes, with some class discussion. Lectures are based off of the instructor’s PowerPoints and reiterate important concepts from the book. Students are expected to complete readings before class in order to participate in class discussions.

Resource Use

Textbooks are required for GEOS 140 and 145 and students are expected to complete required readings from the book in order to participate in class discussions. Students are also responsible for any material in the textbook for class exams. The required atlas for GEOS 145 is needed to complete homework assignments.

Online homework is assigned for both the GEOS 140 and 145 classes. In GEOS 140, students are expected to read articles online or view videos and write papers that address questions regarding the articles or videos. In GEOS 145, students are expected to complete weekly homework assignments through D2L that require access to Google Earth and their textbook and atlas. Google Earth is available on campus, but it is strongly encouraged that students download the free software on their own computers to use throughout the course. Students are also expected to use the Discussion Board feature in D2L and access important class documents online.


GEOS 140 has four papers and five exams. There is an extra credit opportunity built into the class by completing a Google Earth exercise that synthesizes material from the entire semester.

GEOS 145 has weekly homework assignments and current event discussion board assignments, two papers and five exams. Attendance and participation are also used to calculate the final grade. There is an extra credit opportunity built into the class that is tied to the weekly discussion board assignments.

Homework Policy

Late homework is NOT accepted. Due dates are published in the syllabus so students are aware of all homework and exams at the beginning of the semester.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken for both the GEOS 140 and 145 classes, although attendance is not part of the final grade in the GEOS 140 class. Students are responsible for getting all missed material from other students in class, and it is highly recommended that students do not miss class. The lecture covers material that is not always in the textbook, especially for GEOS 145, and lack of attendance will most likely result in a lower grade.


Office hours vary by semester, but students are able to meet with me by making an appointment. I answer email within 24 hours and I am also available by phone.