Raechel Jacobs

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-face sections with two (80 minute) to three (50 minute) lectures and one (120 minute) lab per week. Lecture periods are spent discussing material from the textbook, relevant current events and other pertinent information. Lab periods are times for student exploration of pertinent concepts through group lab activities.

Resource Use

Textbooks: "Biology", by Campbell et al., 9th edition (custom edition for JCCC)

Lab Manual:" Cell and Molecular Biology Lab Manual"

Desire2Learn and student email are used for this course; students are expected to check these frequently for quizzes, course updates and communication.

Other required materials: Lab coat and calculator.


Grades are assigned based on three lecture exams and one final exam that is 50% cumulative. Other assignments include weekly lab reports, daily online quizzes over textbook chapters, a “semester project” over a topic of the student’s choosing, and attendance/participation.

Homework Policy

Homework includes the weekly lab reports, daily online quizzes and the semester project. I deduct 10% from assignments for each class period in which they are late.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is required. Missing more than 20% of the classes and more than 40% of the points possible for the course can result in being withdrawn from the course, which may affect eligibility for financial aid or other student services. Lab assignments, including exams, are not eligible to be made up if missed, regardless of the reason for the absence. Lecture exams can be made up in the case of excused absences only. The final exam cannot be made up.


I am available to meet by appointment or during posted office hours. I am also available by email; I usually respond within 24 hours during the week and 48 hours during the weekend.