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Paul Decelles

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

My classes are either traditional face to face classes or hybrid classes.  In hybrid classes the lecture content is done online but you are required to attend a laboratory section, just as the traditional face to face students do. We believe that lab provides hands on experience and interaction with both students and instructor, even for non-science majors. Lecture formats vary. Many times I use traditional lectures but I also have group activities or problems as appropriate. Lectures may also be supplemented by videos.

Resource Use

All my courses require extensive use of both textbook and computer resources, generally through JCCC’s learning management system, “Desire 2 Learn” Typically there are online homework assignments and study guides for each course unit along with online quizzes to prepare you for the exams. In my Cell and Molecular sections (Biology 135) students are introduced to online data bases related to molecular biology. Where appropriate, I also encourage use of smart phone and tablet apps related to science. Students in both my face to face and my hybrid sections have the same basic online resources and quizzes available to them.


In my classes, students are assessed in part using traditional tests but also through a variety of other means which may include: laboratory practicals and or reports, online quizzes and brief lab and lecture quizzes and activities. Between 50-60% of the grade is from traditional exams and 40-50% from other assessments. In Biology 135 there is a research project and presentation on a topic related to a particular theme. Proteins, genetic disorders, and viruses are examples of topical themes for that project.  This project counts as an exam in terms of point value.

Typically in my courses the final exam is cumulative though I usually give a list of topics to revisit so you don’t have to restudy everything in the course!  The final exam may substitute for a low score on earlier lecture exam.

Homework Policy

I do accept late work with a legitimate excuse such college activities or family emergencies but for non emergency situations you can expect to get heavily penalized for anything more than a couple days late.

Attendance Policy

I do take attendance, especially for the first half of the semester, and also track your online visits.  But this is not directly factored into your grade. However, lack of attendance and online participation will affect your grade because it generally leads to a lack of understanding of course material. 


I try to hold office hours at a variety of convenient times for students, typically in the mornings or early afternoons.  I try to answer online questions within 24 hours except on the weekends.  For my hybrid sections, I try to also be available for one evening a week for on line chat using the chat feature of the College’s learning management system.

Additional Information

The hybrid sections are NOT self paced and have deadlines just like the face to face sections do.