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Natalya Malakhova

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-face sections

Brief reviewing of the previous material, introducing new concepts, providing examples; discussion, in-class practice, as time permits.  Some lectures include Power Point Presentations. Note taking is emphasized.   Comfortable atmosphere encourages effective learning.

Resource Use

Textbooks are supplemental to the lecture: they provide practice problems and additional illustrations. Some textbook exercises may be part of the graded homework, e-book is acceptable. [Extensive]

Calculators scientific ones are allowed.  Graphing calculators can’t be used during the tests [Limited]

Computer software Some use of FREE online applets to illustrate certain math concepts [Limited]

Online homework MyMathLab is used for selected courses [Extensive]


There are typically 4-5 Unit Exams: the lowest test score is dropped.  No make-up Exams.  Final Exam grade replaces the lower Unit Exam grade.  Some classes have quizzes weekly or have projects monthly.

Homework Policy

Intermediate Algebra and below:  daily (or each class meeting) short written assignments. College Algebra and above:  weekly written assignments.  MyMathLab software is used for online homework, where available.

Typically, I’m using the combination of computer-based and hand-written homework.  All homework assignments are graded.  Late homework is not accepted.

Attendance Policy

I’m taking attendance for my records.  There is a strong correlation between student’s presence in class and student’s Course Grade. 


At least 10 min before and after class, or/and by appointment.   Email ( is the best and preferred method to contact me.

Additional Information

I treat my students with respect and courtesy.  Math class is a serious commitment for both parties, but it is a very rewarding experience.  Students succeed when they listen to the teacher.  I’m here to help you, as you need.