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Mervat Ibrahim

Teaching style
Verbal communication with proper grammar is utilized through the use of various different group, paired, and individual activities. Focus is targeted more towards the interactive learning of the language and less on traditional lecture.

Homework, participation and attendance
Strong focus on in-class participation and work; attendance is crucial in grading. One test and 2-3 quizzes per lesson (depending on level). Between 15-30 minutes of outside work. Flexibility for make-ups on a case by case basis.  

Tests and quizzes
Up to 10 mini tests and 20 quizzes throughout the semester. Extra credit is always available. Make up tests, quizzes and homework are accepted one week past deadline and can also be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Background and other interests
I have studied in Egypt and that is where my native Arabic accent is from. I have also visited Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Palestine, and Japan to name a few. I enjoy teaching foreign language and want each student to enjoy learning it.