Marilyn Hamacher

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

I take questions on the homework and then present the new material.

Resource Use

Book: Extensive
Calculator: Limited
Software: None


I give 4 or 5 in-class tests. I give a final exam. If you miss a test, the final exam grade replaces the missed test. If you take all the tests, then the final exam grade will replace the lowest score if it is higher. I give 7 quizzes and keep the highest 5 scores.

Homework Policy

I give homework almost every day. I check homework at first of class. I give points on doing the homework not on right answers. Late homework is half credit.

Attendance Policy

I give 10 bonus points for missing 2 or fewer classes.


I am available by appointment.