Marshall Cruce

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format 

The class is a mixture of lecture and class discussion. A lot of emphasis is placed on doing the homework.

Resource Use

Book: Extensive
Calculator: Limited
Software: None


There are 4 tests and a final. Each test is worth 100 points. Tests are worth 75% of the grade.

Homework Policy

Homework is collected periodically and is worth 25% of the grade.

Attendance Policy

I really don't have an attendance policy as this is college and since people pay their own way in the class, it is up to them whether they attend or not. However, I feel it is really hard to learn much from the class if not in attendance.


I am available 30 minutes before and after each class session.