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Luanne J. Wolfgram

Class Format

Face-to-face sections usually are a combination of lecture and laboratory. Depending upon the course, the emphasis may be greater on one than the other. For Microbiology for Biotechnology, the emphasis is on the lecture to ensure that students learn structure, genetics and metabolism of primarily bacteria. The lab is used to emphasize those areas. For Biotechnology Methods, the emphasis is working in the lab and learning how to become a good laboratory technician.

Online sections for Laboratory Safety are dependent upon the student watching videos and then constructing their own laboratory safety manual that will help to imbed the rules of working safely in a lab.

Resource Use

Textbooks are used heavily in Microbiology and Biotechnology Methods. In Microbiology, there is an auxiliary laboratory textbook that is used daily. In Biotech Methods, the lecture text and lab text are one in the same. A laboratory manual is also used that the students keep their methodologies and data in.

Online homework in the Lab Safety course is biweekly quizzes and draft versions of the chapters that will go into their final lab safety manual.


Generally, there are 2 to 4 exams, in each class. They also will have laboratory exercises in Microbiology and a complete Laboratory Notebook that they maintain throughout the semester in Biotech Methods. Lab Safety has quizzes, homework and the final Lab Safety Manual.

Homework Policy

All homework is due on the date given in class. Late homework is generally not accepted, if it is there is usually a penalty involved.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory due to the nature of laboratory work. However, absences are not part of the grade. Those that miss class just miss out on information or data they may need and it will therefore affect the quality of their homework, tests or laboratory notebooks.


Since most of my courses are late afternoon or early evening, I’m generally available around the midpoint of the day, Monday – Thursday. I may or may not be here on Fridays, since I’m often meeting with employers or others on those days. However, if needed, I will be here in the mornings or Fridays if that is the only time a student or student prospect can meet with me. I’m always available via email, and usually answer within 12 hours – often less.