Libby Corriston

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format 

Class time consists of answering homework questions and traditional lecture. However, I want students to interact with me while learning the material. Class notes will be given to students for all material, but the notes will only mean something when the examples on it are completed by the students themselves as we go through the material in class. Students are expected to write good notes during class, including specific vocabulary of the course. Students will also have time most days to try similar problems while I walk around and help. Interaction with classmates is encouraged during this time.

Resource Use

Book: Extensive
Calculator: Extensive
Software: Limited

Problems from the book will be assigned every class day. Either the TI-BAII+ or a TI-83/84 will be required for the class - student's choice. A scientific calculator will not be sufficient. Several spreadsheet modules, based in Excel, will be assigned during the course of the semester. The modules are available in the Math Resource Center, or can be accessed at home if the student has Excel.


The student's grade is based on 4-5 exams, daily papers that are turned in at the beginning of each class session, spreadsheet module assignments, several other general assignments/quizzes, and the final exam. No late exams are available. In certain circumstances an exam may be taken early. The final exam score will replace any lower test scores.

Homework Policy

Daily Papers with between 1 and 5 questions will be distributed at the end of every class session and are due at the beginning of the next class session. Daily Papers will be graded.

Attendance Policy

A seating chart will be used to facilitate the taking of attendance, which will occur every day. Be ready to come on time, and stay until the end of class. Points are not awarded for attendance.


Since I direct the operation of the Math Resource Center, I will be in the MRC or in my office in the MRC most days until 4 p.m. You may schedule a specific time to meet with me, or just work in the MRC on your homework, where either I can work with you or one of the MRC tutors can help you.

Additional Information

Taking good notes and doing your homework and daily papers as soon after class as possible is vital to your success in this course. Brain studies with MRIs show that people remember more the first hour after class than they do later. I want everyone to feel comfortable asking questions in class, during the lecture or after. Talking about your math has also been shown to help your memory, so expect to participate in organized homework discussions with your classmates.