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LeAnn Fortino

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-face sections:    Each class session consists of completing a set of class notes over sections of the textbook.  I  provide each student with these notes and we go thru them as a class.  I ask lots of questions of my students, and I encourage students to ask questions as well.

Online sections: The majority of instruction will be gotten through reading the textbook and watching lecture videos over the materials.  I also provide guided class notes.

Resource Use

Textbooks   Physical textbooks are optional, as most textbooks are available through online software packages that are required for the class.

Calculators Algebra classes must have a scientific calculator, and business math classes must have a financial calculator.

Computer software  Algebra classes must purchase a MyMathLab access code to complete online homework and view the online textbook.

Online homework   Algebra classes are required to do online homework.  Some written homework is also assigned.


Most of my classes will have 4 to 5 unit exams throughout the semester as well as a comprehensive final.  Homework is generally worth about 20 to 30%, each exam 10%, and the final exam 20%.  Business math also has some computer modules that are required for several of the units.

Homework Policy 

Homework is assigned daily and is due the next class period.  MyMathLab homework is taken for 50% credit if it is late.  Written homework is generally not accepted late, although I may choose to drop a few of the lowest score or accept a few assignments one class period late depending on the class.

Attendance Policy  

I do take attendance daily, although it is not for a grade, per se.  Attendance is highly important in my class.  You will not do well if you are not in class!


My availability changes each semester depending on my teaching schedule.  I usually try to be here at least 30 min before my first class and stay for 30 min to an hour after my last class.