Jason Maltsbarger

Teaching style
My style is grammar/syntax intensive. I lecture, but do so in an interactive and engaging manner. I emphasize all sensory aspects of the language: visual, written, spoken, and audible.

Homework, participation and attendance
Participation/Attendance - 15%
Daily Homework - 20%

Success in learning any language requires diligence and commitment. I therefore require students to do daily homework and discourage "cramming" at the last minute.

Tests and quizzes
12 Quizzes - 20% (two lowest scores dropped)
Exam 1 - 10%
Exam 2 - 15%
Final Exam - 20%

In the instance of a personal or family emergency (a legitimate excuse is required) students must contact me as soon as possible and I will permit them to make up the exam in the Testing Center.

Background and other interests
I love teaching the languages of ancient Greece and Rome. I have taught Classics, Ancient Greek, Latin, and Classical Mythology for 8 years at both the College and High School level.