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Brad Greenwood

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-face sections  are mostly teacher-led lecture and discussion, but with plenty of time for answering questions.  I always start class by answering any questions over the previous lecture or homework.  I also usually end the class period with what I call “in-class assignments”, 2 or 3 problems for you to work on over that day’s material to make sure you get a chance to try out the new material and ask questions while I’m right there.

Resource Use

Textbooks essential in that all the material and homework assignments come from the texts.

Calculators  are used in every course.  In Math 171, a graphing calculator is required.

I post all homework assignments on D2L.


I do assign homework every class period over the material we discuss in class.  In most cases, the homework is collected on the day of the test.  There are also points earned for the “in-class assignments” mentioned above.

There are anywhere from 3 to 5 tests throughout the semester, depending on the class.  Each test is worth 100 points and the final exam is worth 150 points.  Homework can range anywhere from 100-150 points.

Homework Policy

Homework is due on the day of each unit test and shown work is required in order to receive full credit.  Late homework may be turned in prior to the next class period, but at a cost of 50% credit.

Attendance Policy

Although absences are not part of the grading procedure, what you miss in class is then your responsibility to make up and understand.  Also, since the classes I teach either meet once a week or during the summer, missing just one class can mean missing almost an entire chapter of material.

No makeup tests are allowed, but the percentage you get on the final exam will replace your one lowest test score (if the final exam score is higher.)


Since I am an adjunct instructor, I don’t have normal office hours. So, it is best to try and schedule a time to meet with me sometime before or after class.