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John Dunaway

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Math 111  Face to Face Flipped Class Model:  This moderately-paced class is designed to give you the most efficient use of your time as possible.  In this flipped class model, direct instruction is given via videos that you are expected to watch as part of your homework.  You are to watch the videos before class and bring questions from videos and online homework to work on in class.  With this model, you are able to focus on your needs as you work in class.  Students are encouraged to help each other, bring questions to class and complete their work before tests to achieve greatest success.

Resource Use

Textbooks:  We use an online program called My Math Lab which has an online text book available.  It is required that you purchase the access code for this class.  Purchasing the textbook is optional.

Calculators :  Allowed after the second test for the remainder of the course. 

My personal recommendation is the TI 30 XIIS

Computer software:  My Math Lab access code is required to complete homework and quizzes.

Online homework is used extensively.  Students need regular working access of  the Internet.


Homework average is 10% - all done online.  Quiz Average is 10% - all done online – one per chapter.  Six tests given in class with paper and pencil make up a total of 60% of your grade – 10% per test.  The final exam makes up 20% of your grade.

Homework Policy

Online homework is accepted until the day of the test.

Attendance Policy

Students who attend class are most successful as well as students who prepare by watching videos and working on homework through the week in preparation for class.  Make up tests are not given after the exam date.  The final exam will replace the score of one missed test.


I do not have office hours during the week on campus, but I am available before class if necessary and can be reached via email and text messaging.