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John Church

Class Format

Classes are taught as Face-to-face sections. Lectures typically involve a conceptual development of the topic and its relation to previous topics followed by examples and student practice.

Resource Use

Textbooks and/or online homework (in which case, an e-book is available) are used in classes numbered below 241. Even when a hard-copy textbook isn’t required, it is strongly recommended. For classes numbered 241 and above, the textbook is required and there isn’t an online homework application.

Calculators are optional. graphing calculators are not allowed on tests or quizzes.

Online homework is used extensively for courses numbered below 241. All other courses will use minimal (if any) online homework.

Quizzes are given weekly. They are closed-book quizzes, but open note, to encourage students to compile complete and well-organized notebooks as they study.

Tests are given quarterly. These are closed-book and closed note quizzes.


Typically, a student’s grade will be determined by the average of:

  • Homework average (in courses numbered below 241)
  • Quiz average
  • Four tests
  • Final exam

The homework average and the quiz average each count as much as one test towards the course grade. In higher-level courses without a homework grade, the quiz average counts twice as much as each test.

Homework Policy

In courses numbered below 241, online homework is required. In higher-level courses, suggested problems will be assigned but not collected. Students can use their homework (and lecture) notebooks on quizzes, which will consist of assigned problems and problems very similar to the assigned problems.

Attendance Policy

Students who miss more than a few classes rarely, if ever, do well, but there is no specific penalty for absences, nor is attendance factored into the grade. The lowest two quiz grades are dropped to accommodate emergencies; likewise the lowest test score will be replaced by the score achieved on the corresponding portion of the final exam.