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Erica Bischoff

Class Format

Classes typically begin with a 2-3 question open note quiz over the material from the previous class, given through Canvas. New material is then introduced through lecture, teacher-led examples, and both individual and group practice.

Resource Use

Textbook: A hard copy of the textbook is optional, as a digital copy is available through MyMathLab. Students are expected to use the text and accompanying videos to help with learning the material, especially if absent.

Calculators:  A scientific calculator is required.

Computers:  All students will be expected to access Canvas to complete quizzes, access grades, and contact the instructor if needed. They will also be expected to complete homework online through MyMathLab. 


Quizzes, In-class group work, MyMathLab homework – 20%

Chapter Tests – 60%

Final Exam – 20%

Homework Policy

Practice is essential to learning math. Homework is your opportunity to practice new mathematical skills so that they become second nature. Homework (on MyMathLab) will be assigned after each class period and should ideally be completed before the next class period. Students may re-work homework as many times as desired until the test over that section. The highest score will be recorded.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is critical for any math course. Please avoid missing class if at all possible. If you must miss, you are expected to learn the material before the next time class meets. Notes will be posted on Canvas and MyMathLab has videos for each objective. See the course schedule for which sections and objectives will be covered each day.


I am available immediately before and after class or other times by appointment. The best way to get quick feedback is through a message on Canvas or via email.