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Ding Yuan

Teaching style
My teaching style can be summed up as active in-class and in-person communication by means of lecturing and discussing (grouped or paired) with a consistent focus on targeted grammatical and actual usage issues.

Homework, participation and attendance
Attendance and homework constitute 40% with the remaining 60% presentations, quizzes and two tests. Students must attend classes, do all homework and participate in all classroom activities.

Tests and quizzes
Right now, I have adjusted the percentage of quizzes to about 50%, which means that I give a fun quiz every day for each class to enhance students’ interest in learning Chinese with the opportunity also for them to own some actual points.

Background and other interests
I always bring in situation-related anecdotes to enrich and enliven the learning process, such as so many stories and anecdotes about my own families here and in China and of various cultural differences and similarities between America and China.