David C. Pendergrass

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Online sections- Biol 225: Human Physiology is conducted online via D2L. Topics are divided into 14 section with each with its homework assignments, lab assignments, and quizzes.  All exams are given online with a hard deadline to complete.

Resource Use

The online sections of Biol 225 extensively use the textbook, Human Physiology by Dee Silverthorn. Additionally, PhysioEx (for lab exercises)  and Interactive Physiology CD (for animation of content) are used as interactive resources.

Online homework is given in all courses as a mechanism to practice assessment.  The homework consists of textbook passages, watching instructional videos, weekly quizzes and  lab reports, and an oral recitation. 


Bio 225:

Guided Lesson Sets (ALL QUIZZES):  20%   NOTE:  You must minimally score an 85% on each quiz to get full credit for the guided lesson sets!  Every quiz can be retaken multiple, unlimited times.

Exam 0:  5%  An assessment of your prerequisites. (You must score an 85% on Exam 0 to get the full 5% credit and there are four chances to gain this score.  If you score less than 85% on the exam, then your score will be 0%.)

Exams:  3 exams @ 10% each;

Oral Report on Heart Cycle:  5% (This is done by video, YouTube, or other media).

Comprehensive Final Exam:  20%   (Your score is taken out of the top grade in the class OR 70% of the raw total, whichever is higher)

Laboratory Reports:  20%

Homework Policy

Bio 225: Homework is conducted through quizzes and posted lab exercises online and includes instructional tutorials and videos. 

Attendance Policy

Bio 225: Students should plan to participate and log in to Desire2Learn 3-4 days a week.  Students can also meet with me online as part of office hours.  Students can also schedule online sessions by appointment.


I am available on a scheduled day and time for questions or concerns and this constitutes office hours.  Students can receive additional instruction during that scheduled time.   I check email on a regular basis and encourage students to contact me that way in between the scheduled office hours. For online students, phone appointments are always available.