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Dianne Daugherty

Teaching style
Emphasis on understanding and using language structures using grammar explanations, examples, comparisons and contrasts, interactive practice and group/paired activities. Communicating using the language structures and building vocabulary are emphasized.

Homework, participation and attendance
HW and assignments = 20%  
Assessments = 60%; Format is contextual as much as possible
Attendance/participation = 20%

Tests and quizzes
Assessments are 60% of grade.~10 vocab quizzes, ~4 Reading/Oral proficiency assessments; ~4-5 chapter or comprehensive exams.  Make up exams must be arranged for and completed within 1 week with excused absence.  Extra credit assignments that support mastery of the subject matter are available.

Background and other interests
Lived in Japan for 3 yrs. Extensive study of Japanese cultural arts. Ikebana (teacher’s license), Koto Performance (chuden). Business experience includes import/export with Japan. Have organized and led 10+ study tours to Japan.