Cathy Thompson

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Classes are medium paced, relaxed, informal and friendly. Most class periods begin with a discussion of previously assigned homework, followed by a presentation of new material. Numerous detailed examples are provided, and applications are shown whenever possible.

Resource Use

Book: Extensive
Calculator: Extensive
Software: Limited


Final grades are based on chapter exams, homework and the final exam. Exams may not be made up. The lowest exam grade may be replaced by the final exam grade. All students are required to take the comprehensive final.

Homework Policy

Homework is required.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is essential for success in my class just as in any math course.


I am available by appointment only.

Additional Information

Attitude can determine success or failure in a class. I try to provide encouragement and positive reinforcement to all of my students. Be prepared for an interactive class!