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Colin Smalley

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-Face Sections: Physical Geography – The student will be involved in in-class discussions, listening and taking notes during lectures, asking and answering questions of the instructor and classmates, completing in-class activities and quizzes, and taking periodic examinations.  There will also be homework assignments and reading from the textbook regularly throughout the course.

Resource Use

The assigned textbook(s) are required for my courses.  I will use the textbook for in-class activities, and reading in the textbook about the upcoming class meeting’s topics (as found in the syllabus) will be fruitful.  The learning objectives and course outline, along with the student’s notes from lecture and the textbook, are the primary tools for studying for examinations.


Physical Geography (8-week summer version): Four examinations, two of which – the midterm and final – will include comprehensive essay questions.  The examinations together account for 500 points.  There will also be seven homework assignments, as well as in-class exercises or quizzes on every non-examination class meeting.  These assignments, exercises, and quizzes account for 200 points.  Therefore, the total for the course is 700 points.  Final grades are determined by the number of points earned by the student divided by the total points.

Homework Policy

For 8-week courses: Homework is due at the start of the class meeting on the due date.  Late homework will be accepted until the start of the next class meeting after the due date, but a 25% penalty will be assessed to any late homework.

Attendance Policy

For 8-week courses: Especially in an 8-week course, it is vital to attend class every session.  If you miss just one day, it is equivalent to missing an entire week of a full 16-week course.  Similarly, it is important to stay the entire class session.  This course will move quickly.  Attendance will be taken every class period.  If you miss both of the first two meetings, you will be dropped from the class.


Email is by far the best way to reach me.  I am only on campus the evenings of my class meetings unless an appointment is arranged in advance with student(s).