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Brenda Edmonds

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-face sections:  Most classes involve time for student questions, some lecture and discussion, and in-class practice.  There is a strong focus on developing a strong conceptual understanding.  It is expected that students attend nearly every class and participate in class activities. 

Online sections:  Materials are provided in Desire2Learn and organized by week, with instructional content, assignments, and reminders in each weekly folder.  Most online courses also require that students have access to a separate online homework system that is packaged with the course textbook.  Communication with the instructor is usually via email in Desire2Learn.

Resource Use

Textbooks:  Students are expected to have regular access to the course textbook, either in print or electronic format.

Calculators:  Calculators are allowed in most classes, although some courses have some exams for which calculators are not allowed.  Classes at the level of MATH 171 and beyond will regularly use graphing calculators (such as the various TI-84 calculator models) that do not include a computer algebra system.  Calculators with computer algebra systems (such as the TI-89) are not allowed on any exams.

Computer software:  Most courses do not require specific software, but do use information and applications that are freely available online for some parts of the course.  MATH 181 Statistics will require the use of specific statistical software that is packaged with the course textbook. 

Online homework:  With the exception of MATH 181 Statistics, face-to-face sections do not require online homework.  MATH 181 Statistics and all online sections do require regular online homework.


Most courses have 4-8 exams, including the final exam.  The percent of the overall course grade that is based on exams varies by course, but usually ranges from 50% to 75% of the course grade.  The remainder of the course grade is made up of grades from homework, in-class practice and quizzes, projects, and weekly worksheets.  

Homework Policy

Face-to-face classes at the level of MATH 171 and below require daily written homework.  MATH 181 requires daily online homework, even for face-to-face classes.  Most other face-to-face classes do not regularly require homework to be turned in, although homework assignments are given and students are expected to do the homework to prepare for quizzes and exams.  Other written worksheets are collected approximately weekly.  Online courses require weekly online homework. 

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend nearly every class.  No part of the grade is based solely on attendance, but students that do not attend do not usually develop the same level of understanding of the course material as students that attend every day.  Any missed quizzes and in-class work are counted as zeros and are not available for make-up (however, approximately one week’s worth of quizzes and in-class scores are dropped from the overall grade calculation).  Missed unit exams are generally not available for makeup, except in emergency situations.  The final exam percentage will replace one missed unit exam.


I have 5 scheduled office hours a week, but I am available to meet with students many other times of the week, either as students drop in or by appointment.  Anytime I am in my office I am glad to meet with students.  I will respond to emails within business hours during the week.