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Brian Baumgardner

Class Format

I teach classes using all formats.

Face-to-face sections

Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 144) is a traditional delivery course that is an integrated lab/lecture format.

Hybrid sections

Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 144) Hybrid sections have materials and exercises to complete online/at home. In addition there are 8 mandatory class meetings for course testing and introduction to unit materials.

Online sections

General Pharmacology (BIOL 240) is an online course offering that incorporates the McGraw Hill CONNECT learning system. Students come on campus only for testing at the JCCC Testing Center.

Resource Use

Book: Extensive

Software: Limited – Hybrid and Online Offerings use McGraw Hill CONNECT website requiring Access Code

All courses have materials at their respective JCCC Distance Learning website


Specifically outlined in the course syllabi.

Online course requires that students come on campus for testing at the JCCC Testing Center. There is usually a 3-day period for testing of each unit.

Homework Policy

Late homework is not accepted for points.

Attendance Policy

Specifically outlined in the each course syllabi.

Face-to-face sections require student to be in class on time as the door is locked until a break.


Posted office hours differ each semester.