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Math Contest

JCCC participates in the annual Student Mathematics League competition, a national problem-solving contest sponsored by AMATYC exclusively for community college students.

The competition consists of two one-hour exams given in the fall and spring semesters. Students may take one or both of the exams. The total of the top five scores is the JCCC team score. Participants can compete for prizes and recognition as individuals and as the JCCC team.

Each test consists of 20 questions; all questions are at a precalculus level. Most graphing calculators may be used. A perfect score would be 40 points, but scores in the teens are very good! Sample tests are available in the Math Resource Center, CLB 212. As you look over the sample test, you should not expect to answer all of the questions, especially in one hour!

Nationally the top prize for the highest total score on both tests is a $3000 scholarship. JCCC's first-place winner on each round receives $50, the second-place winner receives $25, and these awards will be doubled for scores of 25 or higher. Also, the student earning the highest composite score for the two rounds will receive $50.
If you have questions about this contest, you may contact Chris Imm byemail or phone: (913) 469-8500, ext. 4292.

JCCC Math Team Results

2012-2013: Fifth Place, Central Region
2011-2012: Second Place, Central Region
2010-2011: Sixth Place, Central Region
2009-2010: Fourth Place, Central Region
2008-2009: Third Place, Central Region
2007-2008: Fourth Place, Central Region
2006-2007: First Place, Central Region
2005-2006: Fifth Place, Central Region
2004-2005: Third Place, Central Region
2003-2004: Sixth Place, Central Region
2002-2003: Second Place, Central Region 
2001-2002: National Champion 
2000-2001: First Place, Central Region 
1999-2000: First Place, Central Region 
1998-1999: Third Place, Central Region 
1997-1998: First Place, Central Region 
1996-1997: Third Place, Central Region 
1995-1996: Fifth Place, Central Region 
1994-1995: Second Place, Central Region 
1993-1994: Second Place, Central Region 
1992-1993: Fifth Place nationally 
1991-1992: Third Place nationally 
1990-1991: Third Place nationally