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Terry Myers

JCCC alum Terry Myers is a living testament to lifelong learning.

"Reputation, price, size of classes and location – JCCC offered everything I was looking for in a school to obtain my Paralegal Certificate," she said. "I'd been taking classes at JCCC since 1979 (yes, that makes me older than dirt!) so it was the first place to look for what I needed."

A legal career appealed to her because of its combination of both structure and variety.

"I like the structure that the legal system offers and the fact that the law is always changing," she said. "There are so many different areas of law to learn about (i.e. probate, elder law) that it is a constant challenge and thrill. The instructors at JCCC are the absolute best. They made each and every subject easy to understand and apply. They were a constant encouragement to me to succeed. The courses offered reflected the changes in the need for specialized law. For example, Mike Pener recognized the need for a class on elder law. JCCC was one of the first schools to offer such a class."

Terry is once again back in the JCCC classrooms.

"At present, I'm back at JCCC as a student in the Nursing Department's program to get my RN degree," she said. "Once I get that degree, I plan on completing my Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate at JCCC. The LNC program is another example of the faculty looking to the future for what jobs will be needed and offering the education to fill them. With my LNC, I can pursue two of my passions – law and nursing."