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Lisa Gumbs

"I am a judge advocate in the U.S. Army," she reports. "I've spent the majority of my time as a criminal law attorney working both as a prosecutor and defense counsel. I deployed to Iraq in 2003 and was there during the war and after as a trial defense counsel, representing soldiers at courts-martial, administrative actions, etc. Now I am the supervisor of five attorneys who do criminal appellate work. I've also practiced in other areas such as administrative law and providing legal assistance to soldiers and their families."

Lisa said she originally chose JCCC because of the high quality of its education.

"The school has an outstanding reputation and has the most developed and best quality paralegal certificate program. The courses provided a sound foundation from which I was able to figure out how to complete important paralegal tasks. I also found that the substantive law that I learned at JCCC was relevant to my paralegal job because I could review documents, determine what action needed to be taken with that document, and understand how a document would relate to a pending legal case. The faculty was caring and I found that those teachers with prior career experience as attorneys or paralegals provided solid examples of how the law worked and how things worked in a law firm or a government agency. To this day, I use what I learned at JCCC because it was the foundation for all my legal education. JCCC provided practical education that was useful in real world and I still use that today."