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Linda Joseph

When Linda Joseph first moved to the Kansas City area, her curiosity about law was piqued while crunching numbers in the accounting and billing office of a major downtown law firm. "While working closely with paralegals and attorneys regarding billing issues for our clients, I realized that being a paralegal would be quite interesting." Shortly thereafter, she enrolled at JCCC in the Paralegal Program.

Joseph chose JCCC because the location was close to her home, the cost was reasonable and JCCC’s program was also one of the few local colleges approved by the American Bar Association.

"Once I started classes, I appreciated how the instructors related classroom learning to the real world," she said. "Many of them were attorneys who had experience in law firms and by conveying their knowledge to the students it enhanced the learning experience. The instructors were friendly, helpful and always willing to answer questions and there was a wide variety of courses available."

Currently Joseph is a paralegal in the Regulatory Law Group at CenturyLink. The skills that she acquired at JCCC have been helpful when she’s dealing with mergers and acquisitions, researching cases and regulations on Lexis and Westlaw, drafting contracts and other business case analysis. She has been a member of the Kansas Paralegal Association since 1994 and currently serves as the Director of District 3. Joseph received the "Paralegal of the Year" award in 2004.

"I enjoy being a paralegal and feel there are so many opportunities to apply what you learn from the JCCC Paralegal Program," she said.