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Joanna Smith

From insurance defense to criminal litigation, Joanna Smith has used the education she learned from her paralegal classes at JCCC for the last five years. "I use so many skills that I gained from JCCC, especially legal research and legal writing.  No matter what field of law I have been in, I have been able to pull from all of my classes that I took at JCCC," she said.
Aspiring to be a lawyer herself, Joanna Smith, 2005 graduate, wanted to assure herself that she was cut out for the profession. Before she invested time and money into law school, Smith wanted to experience the inner workings of a law firm first hand. Enrolling in JCCC’s paralegal program was a logical first step. "I felt that entering the legal arena as a legal secretary or paralegal first, would give me a great sneak peek into the life of an attorney, and in determining if I wanted to truly venture down that road," she said.
Smith chose JCCC because it was a convenient location, the cost was affordable, and the curriculum fit nicely with her lifestyle of having to maintain a full-time job during the day.  "Their night classes were a life-saver," she said.

Smith is currently employed with an asbestos firm in  Kansas City, Mo. and enrolled in MidAmerica Nazarene University’s evening classes to obtain her bachelor’s degree.