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Connie Shidler

Extraordinary chutzpah, a minimum-wage job, a financial aid check and four years at JCCC were the components Connie Shidler used to enter law school and earn a bachelor's degree in political science. A single mother of one daughter, Shidler spent four years earning a two-year degree. "But, when I was finished, I was able to support myself and my daughter. It was up to me."  

She chose JCCC, because it was similar to other, more expensive programs, but it did not require some of the classes that didn't seem applicable to her goals or that would not transfer should she ever want to continue her education.

Shidler is confident she received a first class education from a group of first class faculty. "When I went to law school, I was way ahead of the rest of my peers in legal research and I had a lot more information than some others who had attended proprietary schools," she said.

"They were wonderful mentors as well as teachers. I will never be able to express how much easier my bachelor degree and law school education were because I had a great foundation provided by JCCC. I am forever grateful."