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Brian Porch

JCCC paralegal alum Brian Porch viewed a career in law as an opportunity to help establish greater equality in society.

"I've always been a person who pulls for the underdog and the disadvantaged, which probably stems from strong lessons learned from my parents early on regarding the importance of equality – particularly in the areas of race, gender and religion," he said."I see the criminal and civil court systems in this country as an equalizer which can allow – albeit imperfectly – those who have been wronged an opportunity to be heard and to achieve some form of closure."

Now a domestic violence court advocate with the Victim Assistance Unit in the Johnson County District Attorney's office, Brian said he chose to attend JCCC primarily because of its reputation of having high educational standards and good standing in the community, as well as its convenient location and affordability. When he first attended JCCC he was not enrolled in the paralegal program, but decided to take a business law class taught by Zohreh Behbehani.

"She was such a great educator and I felt as though I gained so much from that one class, there really was no question of joining the paralegal program from that point on," he said."I have nothing but the highest of praise for all JCCC instructors associated with the paralegal program who provided a real-world-based curriculum in a wide variety of legal areas. All of my teachers made every effort to provide one-on-one assistance regarding class lessons, and then went the extra mile to provide advice and direction in regard to my preparations for a career as a paralegal."

Brian emphasized the importance of the legal writing and research skills he learned at JCCC. "I find myself utilizing those skills daily as I am charged with effectively communicating legal definitions, procedures and terminology to clients," he said."The importance of these skills is magnified as I am called upon as a representative of my office to regularly correspond with local, state and national organizations."