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... A sweet future ahead

Pastry student removing a fresh batch of cream puffs from the oven

Add your creativity to business training and mix in marketing skills with a pastry/baking certification from JCCC. Learn how to run the business side while gaining hands-on experience in the College’s pastry shop. With this real-world experience, you’ll be prepared to become a chef or shop owner in the high-growth industry of baking and pastry.

Networking and experience

Our program gives you the flexibility to work while you earn your certification. In just two semesters, you’ll be trained in both the business practices and operation of a bakery or pastry shop and the creativity of developing and selling upscale baked goods. Rather than stick to rigid assignments, the program encourages your creativity in finding and using formulas from the textbook that excite you.

You’ll start in the fall semester with HMPB 230 Patisserie, which concentrates on more advanced pastry production and skills. Items you create in class will be sold in the Pastry Shop on Friday afternoons during fall and spring semesters.

During the spring semester, you’ll take HMPB 257 Sugar Basics, which introduces you to confectionery work. You will work with chocolate, pastillage, croquant and sugar room amenities and learn how to cook, pull, blow and store sugar pieces used in a professional pastry shop. Centerpiece design and execution also will be covered. 

State-of-the-art equipment — such as double-speed ovens that inject steam, blast chillers and silicone cake molds — teaches you how to use the most current equipment and develop new techniques.

You can join the Hospitality Management Club, which offers opportunities to network with other culinary students and gain exposure to local industry leaders.

Career options

Your comprehensive education will prepare you to own a bakery or pastry shop or become a pastry chef or manager for a hotel, restaurant, country club or grocery store. Demand for pastry chefs also is growing in hospitals and other noncommercial settings as scratch baking increases.

Our practical certification gives you marketable skills such as how to:

  • Manage inventory and order quantities
  • Craft a menu
  • Market and display product
  • Hire and manage staff
  • Safely prepare and store food
  • Serve customers and drive sales
  • Analyze cost and determine profit
Gainful Employment Data - Pastry/Baking Certificate

Selective admission

This is a selective admission program that starts every fall semester. Preference may be given if you have successfully completed HMGT 120 Food Service Sanitation and HMGT 223 Fundamentals of Baking.

For more information, contact Damian Fraase, Assistant Professor, at 913-469-8500, ext. 3613.