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Food & Beverage Management

Food & Beverage Management

If you enjoy being in a very active environment and are charged up by a room full of people having fun and enjoying themselves, consider a career in food and beverage management. Courses include supervisory management, hospitality accounting, food management and advanced hospitality management.

Do you have what it takes to run a successful food-service enterprise? Graduates of JCCC’s food and beverage management program are ready for a job as management trainee or assistant manager, and classes transfer if you’d like to complete your bachelor’s degree in the field. Get your start with JCCC’s Professional Cooking I and Professional Cooking II and also learn menu planning, purchasing, nutrition and beverage control.

Job Prospects for Food Service Managers

The U.S. Department of Labor compiles statistics on the careers involving food and beverage management. You'll find information specifically related to careers in Kansas, including salary information and the job prospects.