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Dietary Manager

Dietary Manager

Consider a career as a dietary manager if you like to help people and are interested in food and nutrition. Dietary managers are trained and qualified to supervise noncommercial foodservice facilities, applying nutrition principles and education and ensuring food safety.

JCCC’s program will prepare you for the nationally recognized credentialing exam offered by the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers. As a certified dietary manager (CDM) you could supervise food services in long-term care facilities, hospitals, schools, correctional institutions and other noncommercial foodservice settings. Dietary managers work in partnerships with registered dietitians and are responsible for purchasing, preparing and delivering balanced nutritional meals within budget. You will be required to complete a practicum with a minimum of 100 hours in the industry as well as an additional 25 hours of field experience in nutrition. 

Job Prospects for Dietary Managers

The U.S. Department of Labor compiles statistics on careers involving dietary management. You'll find information specifically related to careers in Kansas, including salary information and the job prospects.

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Gainful Employment - Dietary Manager Certificate