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JCCC Honors Symposium

The JCCC Honors Symposium is held each semester and gives students an opportunity to present a paper or project completed in fulfillment of honors requirements.

The symposium is intended to provide students with presentation experience in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, and allow them to share the results of their work with fellow students in the Honors Program, friends, family and faculty.

The Spring 2018 Symposium will be held on Thursday, April 26, in the CoLab, OCB 100.

Listed below are the papers/projects presented at the Spring 2017 Symposium: 

Oral Presentations

  • The Chains That Bind: A Sociology and History of Race by Alexander Rawson
  • The Psychology of Game of Thrones by Rhiannon Minster
  • Extended Cartesianism by Austin Baker
  • Disney’s Gender Messaging by Gressi Lopez
  • Risk Factor Severity for an Elevated Blood Lead Level in Young Black Kids by Deniz Yeter

Poster Presentations

  • Cantor’s Diagonalization by Alexander Fulk
  • Math Anxiety by Ana Paola Palacio Prato and Amanda Gulley
  • Back Door Business in KC by Ashli Dean
  • Food and Cinema by Cata Wedman, Kenean Seyfaw and Jennifer Steiner
  • Crisis Management Plan for Malaysia Airlines by Chia-Wei “Daniel” Chuang
  • Macroeconomics by Peng “Frankie” Zeng
  • History of Environmental Heroes by Hanan Boukhaima
  • From Dark Stars to Ligo: How General Relativity Shaped the Study of Gravity by Jackson Conners
  • Chemical Analysis of Lavender by Venita Cucurella
  • Social Media, Authenticity and Existentialism by Rebekah Lodos
  • Latinos in the Media and Latino Activism by Janeth Reyes
  • Autism & Communication by Katrell Westbrook
  • The Correlation Between Education, Income and Employment by Maria Soberanis
  • Explore the World of Cone Sections and 3-D Modeling by Megan Hockman
  • Honors Study Abroad by Rosie Hall
  • Fijian Cuisine by Samantha Green
  • Incidence of Disordered Eating in High Achieving Students by Victoria Baldridge
  • Awareness of Food Insecurity on Our College Campus by Victoria Baldridge, Rhiannon Minster and Caitlin McKnight

Honors Symposium Videos

Spring 2017

Spring 2016