Honors Forum

The Honors Forum is a 3-credit hour course required for graduation from the honors program.

The topic, instructor, and meeting time change each semester to accommodate student schedules and interests. The class is discussion-based and students provide input into class activities. 

The course combines an emphasis on specific content and skill development in interaction, analysis, synthesis and conflict resolution. Students develop points of view concerning various issues and topics, articulate and defend those points of view, and challenge others as they make alternative judgments. 

Fall 2016

Political Campaigns and Presidential Elections

This course is designed to explore and understand strategic communication strategies used in political campaigns on the local, state and national level. Campaign strategies and messaging will be explored through television, Internet, social media, direct mail, radio, fundraising, speeches and debates. The 2016 presidential election will be a focus of the class to investigate real-time campaign strategies and their effects while also analyzing how presidential elections are different from local and state elections. Elements of the presidential election to be covered in addition to campaign strategies include: the nomination process, voters and voter turnout, interest groups, finance, the media and political parties

Kansas City: From Cowtown to Uptown

Every city has a story that can be discovered and “read” through the study of its historic founding, urban planning, economic development and city expansion. Students in this course will discover the “story” of Kansas City, by investigating diverse areas such as the arts, music, education, architecture, politics, population distribution and migration.

This is an experiential course that will engage students in tours and site visits throughout the city (e.g., Corinthian Hall, Federal Reserve Bank, Liberty Memorial, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church). Visits will be coupled with research and intellectual discourse, which will serve as the basis for projects and papers tailored to students’ disciplines or areas of interest. In addition to site visits, the forum class will incorporate lectures, discussions, readings and video to accomplish class objectives. 

Previous Honors Forum topics:

A Change is Gonna Come – The Role of Music in Social Justice, Spring 2015

Kansas City: From Cowtown to Uptown, Fall 2014

Cultural Practices Surrounding Death and Burial, Spring 2014

The Evolution of Technology, Fall 2013

China: Why We Should Care, Spring 2013

Campaign 2012: Rhetoric, Reasoning, and Reckoning, Fall 2012

Our Place at the Table: Food in United States History and Literature, Spring 2012

Archaeology of Disasters, Fall 2011

Nonverbal Communication, Spring 2011