Honors Courses

The honors program offers a limited number of courses designed specifically for honors students.

Honors English Composition I, Composition II and Public Speaking are offered each semester, and additional offerings vary each semester.

Be sure to enroll in the specific sections of the courses listed below.

Fall 2017

Course Title CRN# Instructor
HON 250 Honors Forum: The Causes and Consequences of Ecosystem Collapse 80479 Deb Williams
ENGL 121 Composition I Honors 81106 Samantha Bell
ENGL 121 Composition I Honors 81126 Samantha Bell
ENGL 122 Composition II Honors 81281 Samantha Bell
PSYC 130 Intro to Psychology Honors 81259 Barbara Ladd
SPD 121 Public Speaking Honors 82203 Justin Stanley
PHIL 121 Philosophy Honors 81370 Dennis Arjo
MATH 171 College Algebra Honors 82729 Chris Imm
BIOL 130 Environmental Science Honors 81838 Jeff Oden
BIOL 131 Environmental Science Honors Lab 81839 Sarah Powell
LEAD 130 Leadership and Civic Engagement 82654 Anna Page