RN Refresher Academy

RN Refresher Academy

The RN Refresher Academy is designed to facilitate for RNs a successful return to the dynamic patient care arena.

How to Apply

Selective admission: You must meet certain criteria in order to apply for the RN-Refresher Academy. 

If you are a registered nurse who has not worked in the acute health care setting for several years, this course will introduce to you innovations in the clinical setting and help you review physiology, pharmacology, critical thinking and other aspects necessary for the delivery of safe and effective patient care.

The next RN Refresher Academy course offering will be in the spring 2016 semester (January). Information packets will be available by mid-October; however, you may email Alan Kroll, administrative assistant to the RN Refresher Academy, or call him at 913-469-8500, ext 4528. We are accepting 16 students and will offer another course in the fall of 2016 (September).

How it Works

For more details about what you'll need and what the courses are like, see our How It Works page.