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Respiratory Care FAQs

Make an appointment with one of our terrific JCCC counselors to go over your transcripts, and to create an academic pathway for you.  (If you have questions about financial aid, they can help, or direct you to someone in the financial aid department to assist you.) You can make an appointment by calling 913-469-3809.  If you have questions after you meet with a counselor contact the RC department for an appointment, or to speak by telephone to get your questions answered.

The application deadline for the respiratory care program is March 15.
We make every effort to have the applications available by September 1 of every year on our website. The application is on-line, and we no longer print applications.

You must have a 2.0 GPA, completed an application to JCCC, and have a reasonable plan for completion of all prerequisite classes by the time the program begins with the fall semester.

Selective admission programs all have a process that is required for enrollment.  For the RC program, this means you apply, your application is reviewed, and you will be asked to interview for the program based on your application scores.  Not everyone that applies is selected into the program.  We have approximately 55 applicants each year, but can only accommodate 18 based on clinical site availability.  (We interview up to 36 students to select the final 18.)

Please speak to one of our counselors.  They are the “on-ramp” to get you on a pathway to the program.  Jill Konen assists most of our applicants, but any of the counselors have all the resources to help you.  You can make an appointment by calling 913-469-3809.

There are three classes totaling 13 credits that are prerequisites for the program. They are:

  • CHEM 122 Principles of Chemistry
  • BIOL 144 Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • ENGL 121 Composition I

All prerequisites must be completed with a C or better, and each can only be repeated once to achieve a grade of “C” or better to be used in application for the program.

You need to enroll in the co-requisite classes along with the RC classes if you have not already completed them. If you have already completed the co-requisites, you will have fewer courses to take while in the program.
It takes approximately two weeks after the application deadline for us to notify applicants of their status.  We plan to interview in April, and will do our selection before the end of the spring semester.

You will receive information about the interview process in emails from the program.  (Our Career Services Department offers workshops to students instructing them in interviewing skills.)

We interview up to twice as many applicants as we have places available.  We currently select up to 18 students, and have interviews for up to 36 students.

The structure of the program is for four semesters of course work over two years, which does not include the one semester of prerequisite classes.  The classes, group work, and study time necessary does not allow for part-time enrollment.  We do not currently have on-line classes, or evening classes.

We recently restructured our program to accommodate the need of part-time employment for our students.  First year students take RC classes two days a week, for 6 hours per day.  Second years students are in clinic two days a week, and in RC classes one day a week.  There are some co-requisite classes embedded in the program, and students can complete these before entering the program to allow for a lighter course load.

The RC program keeps a current list of recommended hospitals for shadowing experiences.  Each has different, and sometimes complex, requirements before you can arrive to shadow a therapist.  The list is available after you meet with a counselor, and schedule a visit with the RC Program office.

This varies by student, and is based on need.  Please call the financial aid department for assistance.

Financial Aid: 913-469-3840