Evening/Weekend option for LPN Program

The evening-weekend program, which can be completed in 19 months, provides approximately 880 clock hours of instruction.

This includes classroom and clinical laboratory experiences in many areas of nursing. See sample course of study for the evening-weekend option.

The application deadline is October 15th every year and has a January start date.

Prerequisites BEFORE Beginning Professional Courses

Students must “pass” all clinical courses and maintain a grade of “C” or higher in all non-clinical courses to remain in the program.

Admission to the Practical Nursing Program; Current Certification in Kansas as a Nursing Assistant and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Healthcare Providers.

(Major Code 366A/368A; State CIP Code 51.3901)

For course details, see the full-time practical nursing page in the JCCC Course Catalog.

Prerequisite Courses

BIOL 144
BIOL 140 & BIOL 225
Human Anatomy and Physiology

BIOL 140 Human Anatomy & BIOL 225 Human Physiology
PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYC 218 Human Development 3
Total hours 11-14

First Semester - Spring

PN 125 KSPN Foundations of Nursing 4
PN 126 KSPN Foundations of Nursing Clinical 2
PN 155
KSPN Gerontology Nursing 2
Total Hours 8

Second Semester - Summer

PN 135 KSPN Pharmacology 3
Total Hours 3

Third Semester - Fall

PN 130 KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing I 4
PN 131 KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing I Clinical 3
PN 140 KSPN Maternal Child Nursing 2
PN 141 KSPN Maternal Child Nursing Clinical
(SIM and service project)
Total hours 10

Fourth Semester - Spring

PN 150 KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing II 4
PN 151 KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing II Clinical 3
PN 170 Physical Assessment for the Practical Nurse 3
Total hours 10

Fifth Semester - Summer

PN 145 KSPN Mental Health Nursing 2
PN 146 KSPN Mental Health Nursing Clinical 1
Anticipated graduation in August
Total hours 3

Total program hours: 34