Emergency Medical Science

Training for EMT Personnel

Kansas & National Recertification

Now you can get your Kansas recertification and your national recertification during the same two weekends.

Here's how:

  1. Sign up for the EMT recertification course.
  2. Take the first weekend’s classes to get your Kansas recertification.
  3. Take the entire four-day course over two weekends to get refreshed on the national standards.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to challenge the national registry. In the past, individuals who have taken the refresher course have all passed the national certification test.

Passing a national certification:

  • demonstrates competence and professionalism in your area of practice,
  • enhances your marketability
  • and ensures you've engaged in emergency medical services -- an area of highly specialized practice -- and have met acceptable national standards.

Being close to the state line, you would have reciprocity for other states that require national certification. You could cross the state line for work if you desire.

Once you lose your national certification, you lose the ability to work as an EMT in another state.

If you only want to be recertified in Kansas, take the first half of the recertification course. The course is worth 14 hours of CEU credit and covers:

  • EMS service delivery,
  • infectious disease updates,
  • effective assessment practices for pediatrics and geriatrics
  • and practical patient assessment labs.

If you need all 28 CEU hours, simply sign up to take both weekends. At the end of the weekend, decide whether you go on to challenge the national registry.

Topics addressed during this course:

  • Module I – BSI, Quality Improvement/Medical Direction, Lifting and Moving, Medical Legal Issues and Stress Management
  • Module II – Airway Management
  • Module III – Patient Assessment
  • Module IV – Medical Emergencies, Pharmacology, Respiratory Emergencies, Cardiac Emergencies and AED, AMS, Poisoning and OD and Behavioral Emergencies
  • Module V – Trauma, Shock, STI, Musculoskeletal Injuries, and Head and Spinal Trauma
  • Module VI – Infants and Children, Emergency Childbirth, Assessment Differences in Infants and Children, and Pediatric Emergencies

The second weekend consists of lab work pertaining to each module and an in-depth skills verification in each area.

EMT-B Refresher

Fall 2016 Dates: TBA; Location: SCI 101

This course has been approved for Kansas state recertification for EMT and First Responders and has met the NREMT EMT refresher requirements in Section 1A of the National Registry Renewal Application. (4 sessions) A separate AHA CPR for Healthcare Providers RENEWAL session is offered the Friday before the first weekend. A separate enrollment is required to attend. Students in the renewal class must be currently certified. (4 sessions)

Lead Instructor: Bob Parker